Welcome to Calozzi's

Born In Philly

When Al Calozzi was 10 years old, his uncle stood him up on a milk crate in front of a grill, put a metal spatula in each of his hands, and taught him how to make his very first cheesesteak in their family restaurant. Al was instantly mesmerized.

To this day, he is still fueled by that passion and obsession to bring the very best cheesesteaks to the world.

Calozzi's Cheesesteaks started in 2008 when Al moved from Philadelphia to Seattle and set up a rogue street cart with a rickety wooden table, a rented propane grill, and a beach umbrella to protect him (and the cheesesteaks!) from the elements. Back then, he was serving up the hungry late night bar crowds, giving them a tasty alternative to their only other option: cream cheese hotdogs.

Since then, Calozzi's has grown into an established brick-and-mortar location in the Seattle neighborhood of Georgetown. In the Fall of 2017, Calozzi's will be expanding their operation down to the Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego, California.